Dear Patrick,

The support for appraisal values that Lamb Hanson Lamb provided by way of the testimonies of Bryan Boyce and yourself for our estate at the arbitration hearing was much appreciated and a very important piece of the estate’s presentation.  Context was provided for the judge and, in my opinion, was instrumental in helping him understand the demand for the portion of land that is represented and the upside potential for development.  It was also important for the Judge to discern the other appraiser’s limited ability to appraise to the best and highest use.  This was articulated well.  Well done!

I was told by counsel for the estate that one of the best things that was done as personal representative, was to retain a high quality appraisal firm that could provide solid support for the values that were assigned to each of the properties.  We are very pleased that the judge has decided in favor of the estate while declining to reassign legal fees between the two parties.  You have done a fine job for the estate all the way through and should we have any appraisal needs going forward, we will be predisposed to look to your firm first for assistance.

As personal rep, I have been asked to gather and pay all outstanding bills for the estate within a short period of time and prior to any disbursements being made.  I would be pleased to receive an invoice from your firm for your services so that you can receive our payment.

Thank you again for your assistance,

Larry Carlson, PR