Your Dedicated Referral Partner

About Acquire

We are a Seattle based company founded and run by experts in relationship management. We know that business owners and professionals can find great success and balance in life by focusing on relationships. For years we’ve taught classes on building a thriving relationship business, and we’ve found that many struggle with consistency and time. Acquire is the solution to help salespeople, business owners, and recruiters build and retain more profitable relationships.

Acquire focuses on the key activities that help nurture relationships. We help our clients create a custom marketing plan, and then we execute on items such as custom and automated gift campaigns, mailers, promotional items, and handwritten cards. We ensure these areas are covered and hold our clients accountable for their part, which is speaking and meeting with those they are nurturing relationships with.

We are passionate about helping our clients build and maintain thriving business relationships because we know how life-changing it can be to have strong referral partners in your business.

The results of our efforts are that our clients have a greater capacity for growth and a shorter path to success.

We are the only marketing company that focuses on both helping our clients accomplish their marketing tasks and holding them accountable for the activities that will bring them the greatest success. Whether you work independently or have a team backing you – Acquire can be an asset to your growth! Contact us today for a free consultation!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mike Dorman


Mike has been in customer service and sales since 1996. He loves solving problems and serving others in his community, church and home. Mike is known for his drive for excellence, while not perfect he does not rest until the job is complete and all parties have been satisfied. This type of work ethic has awarded him many accolades including Top Producer in his company and in the nation for mortgage origination. His team of professionals are one of the most recognized teams is the Northwest. He has a natural ability to lead, he prefers not to be the center of attention but when called upon he will rise to the occasion. Mike has been coaching and training sales people since 2006 and has found a passion for helping others grow professionally and personally to accomplish great things.

Bethany Norman

Operations Manager

Bethany has spent the majority of her career in business development. She has seen success with implementing business application policy, streamlining workflow, and finding ways to enhance employee productivity. While she has found temporary excitement in acquiring high-profit clients…

Melinda Lassen

Director of Marketing

Melinda is a master of creativity and organization. Her strengths in those areas make her a perfect fit for our clients at Acquire. Her professional background is diverse and includes event organization, sales tracking, and product promotion. These skills…

Crystal Coatney

Senior Graphic Designer

Crystal Coatney takes our clients’ vision and turns them into reality with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. She has had a love for art and design ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon, and…